Sant Infuses a Dried Super-fruit into a healthy Beverage

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Sometimes I get so hectic that I am not able to get sufficient servings of fruit or vegetables. When this occurs I always turn to fresh fruit as well as vegetable juices. I drink a rainbow of different juices in buy to get a range of nutrients. often I feel guilty when the plastic bottles stack up if I purchase the juice instead of making it myself. however now there is a new super-fruit juice that you can make into your own water bottle minimizing all the squander for our environment.

Introducing Sant

Sant is a new wellness brand that’s about to introduce its very first product, a new dried super-fruit that infuses into a fresh healthy beverage.  Sant was developed by Kim LaPaglia after she spent time in India.

Kim’s Story

“Four years ago, I stop business life to begin a social enterprise. I took the leap as well as swiftly fell on
הפנים שלי. as well as it hurt. At that time, nothing might have prepared me for the transition. היה
a loss of identity from leaving an eminent role, integrated with repeated failures as well as insecurities. אני
was lost as well as damaged. To discover a lot more about social enterprises as well as a lot more about myself, I moved to

Life in India challenged my beliefs, especially around health and wellness as well as the environment. אני התחלתי
listening to my body, stopped enjoying calories, kicked a coffee habit, meditated daily, eliminated
unnecessary consumption, replaced feelings of rage as well as guilt with love, empathy and
gratitude as well as researched ending up being Vegan. The vegan element led me to a bit understood super

The antioxidants from the fruit were being extracted into a supplement, which was touted as
a miracle pill. While my belief in miracles had grown, I no longer believed in miracle pills.
However, the benefits of the actual fruit were compelling. Agreeing with Hypocrites “let food by
thy medicine as well as medicine be thy food”, I went on a search to discover the actual fruit.

Since I wasn’t much of a cook, I utilized the fruit to make beverages as well as drank them daily. שיתפתי
the fruit infusions; other people liked them too. then it hit me, I might introduce a social business by
providing the fruit in its natural state, avoiding ready-to-drink bottled beverages, as well as by working
directly with farmers in rural India. So that’s what I did.

The journey hasn’t been easy. Quitting business life was tough. as well as India….well, I wept for
about the very first 8 months. The difficulties persist, yet I continue with Sant since I can’t imagine
doing anything other than promoting balance, health, the environment, love, gratitude, and
חֶמלָה. They’re the things I value. as well as it feels great when your actions match your values.” Kim LaPaglia

Sant’s fruit has been utilized in Ayurvedic medicine for 1000’s of years to bring balance to the mind as well as body as well as to stop as well as remedy ailments. The fruit is organically grown – with like – as well as naturally sun-dried. It’s full of antioxidants – 5x the amount in kale – phytonutrients, vitamins as well as minerals.

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The simplest Fresh as well as healthy drink to Make

Sant’s super-fruit infuses nutrients, flavor, as well as strong color into water. This healthy beverage has only 5 calories as well as 3 grams of sugar. There are no preservatives, no man-made colors, no man-made flavors, as well as no additives.

And It tastes Good

Create your best flavor. choose the tart hibiscus-cranberry-like flavor or add honey or brown sugar for a wonderful option. channel your inner mixologist as well as explore extra ingredients, hot fruit teas, organic sodas, smoothies, as well as cocktails. SANT-gria is a celebration favorite.

עבור הסביבה

Sant promotes re-usable bottles as well as mindful consumption. They made a decision to bundle a beverage without a bottle. They bundle just the fruit to get rid of the resources utilized in manufacturing, transporting as well as disposing heavy bottled beverages. Sant has belief in your capability to pop pieces of fruit in a reuseable vessel – be it a re-useable water bottle, Mason jar, the mug with a photo of your household on it, or the glass you save for special occasions. We’ll all feel great for taking carE של כדור הארץ כמו גם עצמנו. (ואנחנו נראה גם קריר הרבה יותר. בקבוקים חד פעמיים הם זבל. הם למעשה זבל.)

בקבוקים חד פעמיים הם בעיה. אתה פותר בעיה. כמו גם זה מרגיש טוב.

אם אתה חולק את ערכיו של סנט של איזון, אהבה, חמלה, הכרת תודה, בריאות, האווירה כמו גם הקהילה, מפיצים את הבשורה על סנט. פרסם תמונות באינסטגרם, ציוץ על סנט, חבר פוסט בבלוג, ספר לחברים שלך או שתף את חליטות הפירות שלך כמו גם את המתכונים המועדפים עליך. כולנו יכולים לגרום לתחושה מרגישה זו כאשר הפעולות שלנו תואמות את הערכים שלנו.

שיטות בסיסיות קשורות לשילוב חלבון בכל ארוחה

לקבלת מידע נוסף על SANT עבור אל

מבקר מגזין אמהות בריא אחד יכול לזכות ב -2 50 גרם כיסים של סנט. כל מה שאתה דרישה לעשות הוא כמו סנט בפייסבוק, ציית לסנט בטוויטר, ציית לסנט באינסטגרם, ציית לסנט בפינטרסט וכן להשאיר לנו תגובה בסוף הפוסט הזה עם כתובת הדואר האלקטרוני שלך. תחרות זו זמינה לתושבים בארה”ב 18+ בלבד, כמו גם מסתיימת ב- 8 בדצמבר 2016 בשעה 21 בערב CST. אין צורך ברכישה. אלוף ייבחר מ- מתוך מספר ההערות שהתקבלו, כמו כן יקבל הודעה באמצעות דואר אלקטרוני או הודעה מיידית ברשת החברתית בסוף התחרות.

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